2022 Crew Chief Study Session Dates

All NNFOA members are expected to participate in at least 1 formal study session, but 2 or more is recommended. Study Guide questions will go over rules knowledge and mechanics questions that will be part of the 2022 NNFOA Commissioner's Exam at the July clinic. Sessions will be in person unless noted otherwise.

Tony Le and Allen Brown:

June 27 6pm 66 Marilyn Mae Dr, Sparks (Tony's house) AND

June 29 6pm

Allen's cell: 775-742-5550 Tony's cell: 775-742-9293

Darren Fleck: June 22 6pm @ 1785 Southview Dr, Sparks

Darren's cell: 775-560-6857

Earl Hintz:

June 21 6pm 12250 Jeppson Ln, Reno (Eric Perez' house)

Earl's cell: 775-224-1282 Eric's cell: 775-230-6258

July 12 6pm Zoom session Zoom link:


Mark Jacoby: June 28 6pm via Zoom Meeting


Lyndon Jacobsen:  July 11 6pm, 1260 Downs Drive, Minden. Thanks Lyndon for graciously offering your house for those that live down south!

Geoff Dierenger: June 16 6pm Boys and Girls Club 1090 Bresson Ave, Reno. Geoff's cell: 775-846-5509

Study questions will be distributed in May and will contain 50 rules questions and 50 mechanics questions. The NIAA State Mechanics Manual will also be distributed in May.