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Crews - 2023

Crew Chief Allen Brown: 

Crew Chief Tony Le: 

Crew Chief Darren Fleck: 

Crew Chief Mark Jacoby: 

Crew Chief Shane Moore: 

Crew Chief Geoff Dieringer: 

NNFOA Crews are drafted each year during the Preseason Clinic. Veteran officials and incoming transfers with experience are put in the draft. New officials are assigned to their crews. 2023 Crews will be published during the Clinic. Officials may put themselves in the "pool" if they can only work a partial season. These officials are not drafted but are part of the NNFOA and assigned games on an as needed/availability basis.

Games are assigned to crews by NNFOA Commissioner Pat White, and each CC assigns the games. 

Playoff assignments are made by the Commissioner, with input from Crew Chiefs. Later round game assignments are shared with other Nevada Officials Associations. Some state championship contests are held at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.